Being out on bond after being arrested means that you are free to enjoy life without the seclusion of jail. However, you’re not free to do as you please when you’re out on bond. To prevent problems and potential re-arrest, it is essential to know the dos and don’ts of being out on bond. The bail bond company Beaver County PA will provide you with detailed information as well, but some of the important keys to remember are listed below.

Spend Time With the People That You Love

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If you’re worried that you’ll go to jail or prison upon return to court to answer the criminal charge, make sure to spend as much time with family and friends now as you possibly can. What better to do with your time than surround yourself with the love and attention that comes from the people closest to you?

Carefully Post on Social Media

Social media and really get you into hot water when you are out on bond. Avoid posting photos that show you participating in illegal activities or making claims to guilt in the crime that you’ve been charged with committing. Do not think that this information is private. It can always get into the wrong hands and that shouldn’t be a risk that you’re willing to take when your freedom is on the line.

Talk to Your Bondsman

Keep your bondsman informed of any changes in normal routines or if you plan to travel out of town. You may need to obtain permission before leaving town. You do not want to violate the terms of the bond, so make sure this time is taken!

Don’t Participate in Illegal Acts

No matter how minor it might seem, participating in any illegal activities when out on a bond can cost you and cause you a re-arrest without a bond a second time around. Be cool and calm until your court date comes and goes (and hopefully beyond).